Roadhouse Café: The Best Jazz Location in Southwest Florida

Located in Fort Myers near San Carlos Park, the Roadhouse Café dominates the jazz music scene for Southwest Florida. Offering a complete menu with exceptional food and untouchable jazz in the region, the Roadhouse Café has been doing business since 2007.

The owners of this amazing establishment are Marc and Sheri Neeley along with their partner Lynda Colombo, whose brother owns the original Roadhouse Café in Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod location recently celebrated its 30th year of successful business. The purpose of the Florida location is to bring a taste of Cape Cod to Florida. They have exceeded that and have turned the profitable business into a destination for the Fort Myers area. They attract great jazz artists as well as captivate both locals and tourists with their fantastic food.

Their most famous musician is Dan Miller, who is one of the most accomplished musicians in Southwest Florida. He plays in a quartet at the Roadhouse Café every Tuesday night.

The Roadhouse Café is a must see experience and is located at: 15660 San Carlos Blvd, Ste 36, Fort Myers, Fl, 33908